One of the largest clubs in the city, the Powerhouse has seen it’s fair share of locations in the past and is now positioned in its permenant multi million pound location right in the heart of the ‘Pink Triange’ and continues to be as popular a club as ever.

The Powerhouse now prefers to market itself as:

“A gay friendly, mixed night club which aims to offer a safe environment free from discrimination to all people, regardless of gender, sexuality and age. The aim is to provide something for everyone”

Monday –¬†Friday 23:00 – 04:00
Saturday 23:30 – 05:00
Sunday 23:30 – 04:00

This nightclub is spread over a superb 4 floors, the new club boasts new lighting, decor and a fantastic sound system making it the envy of clubs up and down the country. With a variety of music depending on which of the floors and rooms your in, there is something for everyone in Newcastle Scenes Biggest Nightclub.

Authored by: Editor